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Sergey Karshkov

This is the blog of Sergey Karshkov, founder of 9 Pandas. It will incorporate posts on a range of different topics that reflect his business interests and hobbies, including insights into the latest marketing technology and trends.

9 Pandas is a market-leading, full-service advertising agency that assists clients in every aspect of marketing, from developing strategies and activating partnership agreements to assisting with the creation of slogans, scripts, naming and creative content. 9 Pandas provides its clients with a fully integrated solution to meet their marketing needs, supporting them through every step of the journey including digital marketing, design, IT and video production.

Sergey Karshkov

What We Do

Hiring an advertising tech specialist like 9 Pandas has multiple benefits from the client’s perspective. 9 Pandas provides its clients with valuable in-depth professional insights, helping them to plan, create and execute campaigns specially tailored to their unique marketing needs. 9 Pandas not only handles campaign administration but also works with each business to come up with fresh and engaging content ideas, helping clients to identify and leverage the right marketing strategy for them.

9 Pandas lifts the burden of strategising and managing ad campaigns from the businesses it serves, freeing up leadership’s time to concentrate on what they should be focussing on: running and growing the business. By enlisting the help of a market-leading specialist like 9 Pandas, businesses maximise their ROI, benefiting from 9 Pandas’ extensive experience and expertise in planning and executing ad campaigns, as well as gaining access to the latest ad technology.

9 Pandas has a strong reputation for keeping ahead of the latest advertising techniques, developments and trends, providing clients with an objective view to maximise the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and leveraging founder Sergey Karshkov’s considerable knowledge of marketing and advertising.

Previous Experience

9 Pandas has previously partnered with BetWinner, a leading online betting website known for its unrivalled customer support and wide range of market coverage. The advertising agency produced BetWinner’s ‘Pile of People’ television commercial, leveraging the power of the subconscious mind to inspire brand affinity amongst its audience.  9 Pandas also worked with BetWinner on its ‘He Is Not BetWinner to You’ campaign, featuring a wealthy protagonist with a fleet of luxury cars, who found himself relentlessly pursued by a fleet of drones.

9 Pandas is an employer of choice that invests in all of its employees, encouraging their professional and personal development and providing free refreshments, meals and a recreational area, as well as a working environment free from dress codes and bureaucracy.


Sergey Karshkov
Sergey Karshkov

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Sergey Karshkov

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Sergey Karshkov

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