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Sergey Karshkov has extensive experience of the marketing industry as the founder of the full service, market-leading advertising agency 9 Pandas. This article will explore 9 Pandas’ partnership with Fonbet, producing creative concepts for Fonbet’s long-term advertising campaign.

9 Pandas partnered with Fonbet prior to the commencement of Euro 2020, producing two videos for the event. One was a TV commercial without actors, while the other was an online video incorporating actors.

Today, online video is an extremely powerful advertising channel, a topic explored in the embedded PDF. It is an effective tool for advertisers seeking to deliver compelling content to their target audience.


The Power of Online Video Advertising in 2022


Incorporating a TV advertising campaign, the Fonbet Euro 2020 project was designed to increase Fonbet’s visibility, expanding its reach to an audience of millions. With advertisements broken down into 10, 15, 20 and 30 second fragments, 9 Pandas aimed for universality, carefully crafting design concepts that would continue to be relevant even after the Euro 2020 tournament had ended. You can learn about previous 9 Pandas projects by viewing the embedded video.



After successfully bidding for the Fonbet Euro 2020 tender, the advertising agency joined forces with the Mishki Co. production company, filming a video ad that was aired in rotation throughout the UEFA Champions League Final.

The campaign was centred around the following key objectives:

  • Attracting new clients
  • Building an emotional bond with clients
  • Removing first-bet barriers
  • Advertising Euro 2020
  • Delivering a universal campaign that would remain relevant even after the tournament had ended

Benefitting from extensive experience of working alongside world-leading betting companies, 9 Pandas recognised the complexity of this global advertising campaign, breaking the Fonbet Euro 2020 project down into the following key stages:

  • Presenting the creative concept to the client
  • Future renegotiation of a total of 50 different versions of the video
  • Scouting and casting actors for the video
  • Liaising with a national football team
  • Filming onset at various locations in different climatic zones
  • Conducting choirs of women, children and men
  • Video adaptation, producing versions for viewing in other countries
  • Voiceover work

About 9 Pandas

Over the years, 9 Pandas has earned a reputation as an employer of choice, investing in both the personal and professional development of its employees. The company works with market leaders across a wide range of industries, producing effective and emotionally engaging advertising campaigns.

The embedded infographic outlines some of the strongest marketing trends seen in 2022.