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Founded by marketing expert Sergey Karshkov, 9 Pandas leverages the latest marketing technologies to create engaging, highly converting campaigns for its clients. 9 Pandas has worked on numerous high-profile advertising campaigns over the years, utilising the company’s considerable marketing experience and expertise.

It was the Nobel laureate D. Kahneman who suggested that human behaviour results from interactions between two systems of thinking: the conscious and subconscious mind. While we attribute logical thought to the conscious mind, the subconscious has a powerful impact on human behaviour, particularly when it comes to decision-making.

Psychology-savvy advertisers recognise the power of targeting the subconscious mind, encouraging consumers to feel an affinity with a particular product or brand. It is this concept that lies at the heart of 9 Pandas’ ‘Pile of People’ commercial for BetWinner, manifesting the consumer’s desire to play, compete and win.You can learn more about the BetWinner Pile of People ad campaign by viewing the embedded video.



9 Pandas is a full-service advertising agency that assists clients with all of the different marketing aspects, from developing scripts and helping to write slogans to conducting in-depth market research and optimising marketing strategies. You can find out more about marketing strategies and why they are so important by viewing the embedded PDF.


Sergey Karshkov

Why Is Developing a Marketing Strategy Integral to Business Success?


Partnering with BetWinner again, 9 Pandas produced the ‘He Is Not BetWinner to You’ commercial, an advertising campaign parodying investigative films. The protagonist, a rich man with a fleet of supercars, finds himself pursued by the buzz of drones everywhere he goes, even interrupting his meal in an upmarket restaurant. In the final scene, the protagonist leaves his house dressed in a robe, walking across his yard. Finally, he raises his hands, addressing an aerial camera. At his feet, a thousand crisp bank notes spell out the word ‘BETWINNER’.

9 Pandas has also partnered with LeadRate, developing a landing page for the media buying agency. 9 Pandas was tasked with creating a landing page that highlighted LeadRate’s value proposition, differentiating the company from its competitors. Given complete creative freedom, 9 Pandas conducted careful analysis of rival websites, identifying a common trend for a simple landing page that conveyed basic information in a factual and somewhat emotionless way.

Recognising the power of emotional marketing in terms of appealing to people on a more personal and human level, 9 Pandas came up with an innovative design concept with a cyberpunk edge, creating a landing page that incorporated a series of illustrations nuancing the increasing cyberization of life.

For digital marketing statistics revealed by Hubspot’s State of Marketing Report 2021, please view the embedded infographic.