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Sergey Karshkov

Sergey Karshkov

Sergey Karshkov is the founder of 9 Pandas, a leading full-service advertising agency that offers a fully integrated solution to meet the unique marketing needs of each client. Sergey Karshkov continues to play an active role in the company today, providing the benefit of his extensive in-depth industry knowledge and experience to a company that has established itself as an employer of choice.

9 Pandas has worked with a number of prestigious companies over the years, helping them to strategise and execute high converting marketing campaigns. 9 Pandas previously partnered with LeadRate, a media buying agency, to design a landing page that would differentiate the company from the competition and highlight its value proposition.

Rather than providing a technical brief, LeadRate gave 9 Pandas complete creative freedom. Analysis of rival websites revealed a strong trend, with most media agencies favouring a simple landing page displaying basic information and communicating services offered by the company in a factual, emotionless, rather unexciting way. Recognising the power of emotional marketing as a personal, human way of appealing to visitors, 9 Pandas created a concept with a cyberpunk edge, culminating in a series of illustrations as the visitor scrolls down the landing page that show the increasing cyberization of life.


The advertising agency has also worked with Top Dog, a company specialising in bare-knuckle fights, to develop the brand’s website. 9 Pandas promoted audience engagement by focussing on the competitors’ personalities and telling their individual stories. 9 Pandas has worked on numerous high-profile advertising campaigns over the years, including a partnership with a leading betting company in 2019 that produced an advertising campaign for its sponsorship of the Africa Cup of Nations, significantly boosting the brand’s presence.

With a strong reputation for keeping ahead of the trend in terms of the development and implementation of the latest marketing industry tech, 9 Pandas utilises groundbreaking technology like visual search, leveraging the power of digital advertising to take its clients’ marketing campaigns to the next level and get their products seen by a wide, highly converting audience.

9 Pandas is proud to provide clients with a full spectrum of marketing services, having established itself as a market-leading advertising agency leveraging the latest technology to create effective, engaging campaigns. 9 Pandas invests in both the professional and personal development of all of its staff, eliminating dress codes and bureaucracy from working environments and providing a range of perks including free beverages and meals and a recreational area.

Sergey Karshkov