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Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is 9 Pandas?

9 Pandas is a full-service advertising agency that was founded by Sergey Karshkov, who continues to play an active role in the company today. 9 Pandas offers a fully integrated solution tailored to the individual needs of each client, assisting with all aspects of marketing including IT, content creation , design, digital marketing and video production.

What industry is 9 Pandas in?

9 Pandas is a marketing and advertising specialist serving client companies across a broad range of industries. 9 Pandas has partnered with leading online betting company BetWinner several times; this includes the production of BetWinner’s ‘Pile of People’ television advertising campaign, which targeted the subconscious mind to promote brand affinity with audiences.

How Does 9 Pandas Invest in Its Staff?

9 Pandas has built a strong reputation as an employer of choice. In addition to providing free food and beverages and a recreational area for its staff, 9 Pandas has eliminated dress codes and bureaucracy, encouraging the development of its workforce’s professional and personal skills.

What Are the Benefits of Enlisting the Help of an Advertising Agency Like 9 Pandas?

Hiring a marketing specialist like 9 Pandas has numerous advantages from a business owner’s perspective. First, it frees up leadership’s time, enabling them to focus on what they really need to concentrate on: running and scaling their business. Outsourcing marketing and advertising campaigns maximises value for money spent on campaigns, as well as lifting the burden of advertising from employees.

By placing advertising strategy in the hands of experienced and trusted professionals, business owners benefit from the latest advertising tools, ensuring that their marketing aligns with the latest advertising trends, techniques and developments, as well as cutting inhouse training costs and gaining an objective view to maximise the effectiveness of each advertising campaign.

What Services Does 9 Pandas Provide?

This market-leading advertising agency supports clients through every step of the marketing journey, from naming and development of slogans and scripts to video production. Services offered by 9 Pandas include:

  • Creative: Including the development of scripts and creative content formats
  • Partnership Agreements: Drafting, executing and activating partnership contracts
  • IT: Delivering innovative technological tools to help clients expand their reach and convert leads into customers
  • Marketing Strategies: Conducting client consultations and in-depth market analysis to develop the right marketing strategy for each client and campaign.
  • Design: Developing client identity, branding, 3-D graphics and flash games.
  • Digital Marketing: Leveraging influencer and SMM marketing to establish contextual, targeted advertising
  • Video Production: Dealing with the entire production process including creating exciting concepts