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Co-founded by Sergey Karshkov, 9 Pandas is a full service advertising agency that is renowned for creating impactful, high-converting marketing campaigns for the companies it partners with. This article will look at voice search and how it can be leveraged by marketers to help brands reach a wider audience.

Today, Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana play an ever-increasing role in homes, with these digital assistants answering questions ranging in complexity from a simple ‘What will the weather be like today?’ to ‘What is the nearest vegan-friendly restaurant near me?’ You can learn more about digital assistants and the role they serve in consumers’ lives by viewing the embedded PDF.


Sergey Karshkov

What Are Digital AssistantsBusinesses that fail to optimise for voice search run the risk of missing out on sales. The gradual rise in dominance of voice search in the search engine landscape cannot be ignored, with smartphones, smart TVs, wearables, smart speakers and other connected gadgets on the rise, providing a level of convenience that the modern consumer desires. The embedded infographic provides compelling statistics on the increased implementation of voice search in 2023.


By simply pressing a button and reciting a phrase, consumers can receive instant results, making shopping effortless and life easier in general. Today, more consumers are coming to reap the huge benefits of digital assistants, with experts forecasting that there will be 8.4 billion digital voice assistant units by 2024, a figure higher than the world’s population.

Voice search eliminates a layer of effort from internet searches, enabling consumers to rely on technology to answer their questions or help them access more information on a particular topic. Voice search works by using automatic speech recognition systems to transform voice signals into text, allowing smart device users to search by speaking rather than having to enter text in a search box, which is much more cumbersome and time consuming.

With 55% of smartphone users performing voice searches, voice search is one of the fastest-growing search types. According to research published by eMarketer, 39% of internet users in the United States use a voice assistant at least once a month.

As technology improves voice search will become more reliable, providing more and more accurate and relevant results. From a marketer’s perspective, the potential of voice search is huge, providing scope to reach younger, more tech-savvy generations; boosting search results rankings; and ultimately expanding market reach. The embedded video provides information about digital marketing trends in 2023.