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Sergey Karshkov, 9 Pandas founder, benefits from having in-depth knowledge and experience of the marketing industry. This article will explore the rise of interactive content and how innovations like augmented reality are sparking a revolution in marketing today.

One of the fastest-growing internet marketing trends currently, interactive content transforms advertisements from traditional, text-based content to dynamic, immersive and interactive media, culminating in a vastly more engaging experience from the audience’s perspective. The embedded infographic provides statistics about interactive content in internet marketing through 2022.


Examples of interactive content include 360-degree videos, augmented reality advertisements, and quizzes and polls.

Research reveals that 91% of modern buyers actively seek out interactive content. Interactive content not only makes buyers feel more of a connection with brands, but it also makes them feel more involved in the buying process. Rendering advertisements more memorable and engaging, this powerful marketing tool is significantly more effective in terms of eliciting the desired viewer response.

Also known as XR or extended reality, augmented reality is a relatively recent and extremely powerful addition to the toolkit of digital marketers. Sephora recently added the new technology to its marketing toolkit, providing filters to enable customers to try out their makeup products virtually and observe how cosmetics would look on their skin.

Arguably the most famous example of augmented reality in advertising was the phenomenally successful global sensation Pokémon Go. Soon after its launch in 2016, the game captivated the imaginations of users from all over the world, encouraging players to roam the streets searching for virtual creatures they observed in real-time via their smartphone screen. The embedded PDF provides more information about the power of augmented reality as a marketing tool.


Why Is Augmented Reality Such a Powerful Marketing Tool?


Augmented reality and other interactive technologies bring content to life, making it more engaging and exciting for consumers. With over 30 million small businesses in the US alone today, interactive content helps brands to stand out from the competition, enabling companies to grow their audiences and entice new customers. The embedded video provides further information about types of interactive technology used in advertising today.



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Founded by advertising expert Sergey Karshkov, 9 Pandas is a full-spectrum advertising agency that relies on in-depth research combined with the latest technological innovations to create advertising campaigns that really convert. The company has worked on numerous high-profile campaigns, including partnering with BetWinner to produce its ‘Pile of People’ advertising campaign – leveraging the power of the unconscious mind to generate brand affinity amongst audiences and elicit a positive outcome for the client.