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9 Pandas is an advertising agency that helps the businesses it partners with through every step of the marketing process, from naming and development of slogans to IT and video production. Founded by Sergey Karshkov, who benefits from extensive experience of the advertising industry, 9 Pandas assists clients with all advertising aspects, including digital marketing and website design. You can learn more about the power of digital marketing by viewing the attached PDF.


Sergey Karshkov

7 Key Benefits of Digital Marketing


Enlisting the help of an advertising agency like 9 Pandas confers a variety of different advantages for businesses. Drawing on a wealth of professional insights, 9 Pandas helps the organisations it works with to plan and execute their advertising needs. 9 Pandas offers specialist advice on various aspects of marketing, from design and copywriting to tailored marketing campaigns. The attached infographic contains more information about buyer behaviour in a digital age.



Advertising agencies not only handle marketing campaign administration, but it is also their responsibility to come up with fresh and engaging ideas for content, helping clients to identify and implement the most advantageous marketing strategy for them.

9 Pandas strives to keep up to date with the latest advertising industry trends, developments and techniques, helping its clients to achieve a competitive edge over rival businesses and maximising ROI in terms of money spent on marketing campaigns. Hiring the professional services of an advertising specialist not only enables businesses to benefit from the ad agency’s connections, but also lifts the burden of devising and implementing marketing strategies from employees of the business, eliminating the need for inhouse training. 9 Pandas uses cutting-edge marketing tools, freeing up the leaders of the businesses it works so they can focus on running and growing their business.

9 Pandas supports clients through every step of the advertising journey, providing a full spectrum of services including:

  • Marketing Strategies: Conducting in-depth market research and consulting closely with clients
  • Partnership Agreements: Signing and activating partnership contracts
  • Creative: Developing naming and slogans, writing scripts and formulating creative content formats
  • Video Production: Producing ideas and concepts from pre- to post-production.
  • Design: Creating branding, identity and flash games
  • Digital Marketing: Practicing influencer and social media marketing to attract traffic and implement contextual and targeted advertising

9 Pandas has worked on many high-profile marketing campaigns over the years, including collaborating with Top Dog to create the Top Dog website and producing a video commercial for the betting company BetWinner. You can learn more about 9 Pandas by watching the attached video.