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Marketing expert Sergey Karshkov benefits from a wealth of experience of the gaming industry, which has seen huge growth in recent years. It has established itself as one of the largest consumer industries globally, eclipsing even the music and film industries. This article will look at how technological advancements are driving vast growth in the gaming industry and what other industries can learn from the gaming sector’s surge in popularity.  

Today, forward-looking companies from a variety of different industrial sectors are observing and analysing the gaming industry. It has demonstrated continuous growth and transformation, today exceeding every other entertainment sector in terms of size. The embedded infographic reveals gaming trends in the UK through 2022. 



The gaming sector is increasingly becoming an authoritative repository of expertise and knowledge that can be deployed across other industries as diverse as real estate and medicine. The industry not only stands out in its own right for its recent success stories but also shows huge potential to drive and advance other fields. 

Other industries are looking to the gaming industry more and more, importing successful learnings and practices. Students, scientists and industry practitioners are keen to understand what lies behind the gaming industry’s astronomical success, helping them to build a clearer and richer account of human motivation and habit formation. The embedded PDF explores the topic of habit formation in more detail, looking at how habits are acquired and how they shape human behaviour. 


Sergey Karshkov

An Introduction to Habit Formation


Globally, the gaming industry benefits from a vast fan base. The world’s most successful games are not necessarily the best on the market. Rather, popular games boast a huge market that they target relentlessly, taking their online marketing very seriously and leaving no stone unturned in terms of generating maximum promotion for new releases. 

Great games manufacturers know how to come up with great teasers, intriguing and exciting existing and potential new customers. Providing just a glimpse of the game, they make teasers attractive so prospective buyers yearn for more. 

In addition, world-leading games developers incentivise customers by offering reward. The embedded video looks at retention and rewards marketing, outlining the reasons it is so effective in terms of persuading consumers to engage with brands.