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Marketing expert Sergey Karshkov is the founder of 9 Pandas, a company at the forefront of marketing technology advancement that helps the clients it partners with to develop powerful and engaging marketing campaigns. This article will look at the rising popularity of visual search, an innovation that is rapidly becoming a marketing industry standard, exploring the potential applications of this game-changing new technology.

Probably the most recognisable example of visual search today is Google Lens. Taking user experiences to a new level, Google Lens enables internet users to search using images, helping them to access more specific results.

Soon after Google, Pinterest jumped on the visual search bandwagon, launching a visual search tool that allows users to search by image to identify products they want to purchase and the online retailers selling them. Pinterest Lens also presents users with pinboards of similar products and allows them to search for related items. You can learn more about Pinterest’s profitability in 2022 by viewing the embedded infographic.



Advertising experts report that visual search is revolutionising the marketing industry. Indeed, as far back as 2019, Hubspot’s List of Marketing Statistics identified an unmistakable trend, with visual content on social media rapidly gaining traction. One study highlighted by Hubspot’s report revealed that most people can recall around 65% of the visual content they observe online up to three days later. Given that each person sees around 5,000 ads per day, on average, this level of image recollection is incredibly impressive and poses vast potential to marketers everywhere. You can learn more about current digital marketing trends by viewing the embedded PDF.


Sergey Karshkov

Three of the Strongest Digital Marketing Trends of 2022


Visualisation is intrinsic to social media marketing today. Equally, it is also important at each customer journey touchpoint – particularly the product discovery process, where customers are becoming increasingly impatient of being forced to wade through searches that are irrelevant.

Experts predict that visual search will have a huge impact on ecommerce marketing, increasing the experience expectations of customers and transforming the way that consumers shop for products online. Visual search effectively turns a mobile camera into a search bar. Pinterest Lens alone can recognise somewhere in the region of 2.5 billion fashion and home products today, with the platform facilitating more than 600 million searches via its browser extensions and mobile apps.

Visual search has already had a game-changing impact on advertising, with Google Lens providing a variety of impressive actions to seamlessly integrate technology into our daily lives. You can learn more about Google Lens and its capabilities by viewing the embedded video.